Packaging Design Tequila Baluarte
Tequila Baluarte

Naming / Brand Identity / Packaging / POP

Diseño Medallón Tequila Baluarte

Premium personality for a high level tequila brand.

A black glass bottle. Golden type. Warm and passionate red color. Tequila Baluarte is a brand whose design follows the concept of where tequila was born. The crossing of the indigenous with the spaniard, result in a mestizo drink that today is a symbol of Mexico.

The medallion that would seem to come from the European heraldry is inspired by the high relief of an Aztec drum that is in the Museo de Antropologia and that appears in the catalog of the exhibition of the Metropolitan Museum of New York, “Mexico, splendor of 30 centuries”.

The typographic and color language combined with the prehispanic aspects allowed us to achieve an unique image that attracts the attention of locals and foreigners in selected purchasing points like the “Duty Free” stores in various airports in the world.