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León Felipe

Branding / Institutional Brochure

Comunidad Educativa León Felipe (Mexico City) is a true Montessori school that has achieved great results in its graduates. 

In the face of the proliferation of schools that claim to be Montessori, the director asked us to help them show the reality of a true Montessori school. We visited each classroom designed ia special way to use a lot of specialized didactic material. Educational tools brought from Europe and teachers with training in Italy.

So we designed a brochure that shows a typical working table integrated as a smaller brochure with pictures of children at work in a bird view, showing us much of the unique didactic material that the school provides.

Each double page is integrated into the background and the small page is the table. With each change of page, the photo changes too and let us see a lot of relevant visual information. Photographs were produced to show the real situation.