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Streets at Colonia del Valle

Art and history book

For Monte Pío Luz Saviñón, through Eca Editions, we ideated an designed a book that tell us the story behind the names of Colonia del Valle’s streets.

We proposed the idea of showing who were the people whose names are used to name all the streets in Colonia del Valle (a Mexico City neighborhood). Montepio Luz Saviñon (pawnbroker) started its premises at Luz Saviñón street, a name from a lady philanthrophe. They took the opportunity to create this book to homage a prominent woman in the world of philanthropy and many great en in México and world history.

Eca editions conducted a deep investigation to recover and gather all information about each character whose name identifies a street, rescuing pictures and graphics in historical archives

The result is an interesting, very polished publication, which shows us how many men and women carried  philantrophy to a very high level in Mexico, since the 17th century and that their work remains valid and beneficial until our days