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Amco Branding by TD2

The new identity of the company that was born innovating in education.

With vision and talent, the founder of Amco was a pioneer in bilingual education methods in Latin America. 

After 14 years of exponential growth, Amco starts the evolution towards digital tools with a philosophy on the formation of students focused on making them happy, safe and feeling loved as a starting point for a bright future. 

In the face of threat of a new and strong competitor, Amco needed its achievements and philosophy of educational excellence to be expressed in a current and powerful identify, which will continue to generate trust between school owners and parents. 

The new identity symbolizes diversity and continuous change, the colors and almost random forms within the cube and the search for knowledge with the presence of light as symbol of knowledge.

Here we can see the previous logo, which was designed in a very traditional way, using books as a reference to education. The new image discards that vision to focus in the future, taking  change as a flag. “Bright ideas”. “Bright Future” is the sentence that expresses the brand essence. The ultimate objective of education.