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Brand Identity

BIIS is a mayan word that means “to transport”. Is the name chosen for a software brand developed by NetLogistiK. BIIS manages transport and cargo resources.

BIIS is a platform to manage and offer cargo transportation services.
In such a way that you can choose the day, hour, picking and delivery place, and kind or vehicle from  your smartphone, with special specs and to get a quotation service in real time,

Carriers can be affiliated to BIIS and its equipment and personnel are available to carry any cargo.  Los transportistas se afilian al servicio y ponen disponibles sus equipos y personal para llevar carga. This eliminates waste of time for both users and carriers.

We developed a simple and straight logo. The 2 “i” letters allowed us to convert them in 2 trailer trucks seen from sky. The two red spots are the cockpits with a half spin. Once you discover that detail, you can’t stop seeing it. Yellow from urban signage. Grey from road asphalt and the slogan. “Move it now”, cause all you need is your smartphone.