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Rebranding / Signage / Point of Sale


A new identity for +KOTA that projects its commitment and experience in animal wellness.

+KOTA went through a deep transformation caused by great organic growth, social awareness of animals, the arrival of transnational competitors and the transition from a family business to an institutional corporate, all of them are enough reasons to rethink the course and express it in a new identity. 

The new logo is an evolution of the previous image, so that we capitalize on brand recognition and the benefits built over time. We eliminated the graphics that replaced the letter “O” in the logo. We made it more extended and “bold” to optimize its visibility on facades, we preserved the curves that make it distinctive and connote softness to the touch and we improved the continuity of the reading by keeping the letters that follow the “+” sign in a single color. 

We limited the color palette with the intention of appropriating the orange, we chose a burnt orange color that was much more organic and the decision was made to build an image that projects careful expertise, professionalism and trust, transcending the playful and childish character of the previous image.

Isotipos Perro +KOTA TD2
Isotipos Gato +KOTA TD2
Isotipos Reptil +KOTA TD2
Isotipos Pez +KOTA TD2
Isotipos Roedor +KOTA TD2
Logotipo +Adopta +KOTA TD2 Branding
Logotipo +KOTA Food TD2 Branding

We created a logo for the +KOTA adoption program, which became known as +Adopta. The logo is very simple. 

Using Uni Neue, the typographic family that we chose for the whole system and adding the “+” sign inside the same color palette.

For the shops of +KOTA Food we designed a derivation of the main logo, giving the spotlight to +KOTA and letting the word Food be seen in a simple and direct way.

Cabecera Peces +KOTA TD2
Cartel +KOTA Gatitos
Screen Saver +KOTA Gato TD2
Cabecera Aves +KOTA TD2
Cartel Premios +KOTA TD2
Trae a tu Mascota
Cartel Premios +KOTA TD2
Etiquetas +Kota
Branding Aves +KOTA TD2
Branding Peces +KOTA TD2
Branding Reptiles +KOTA TD2
Mural Bienestar +KOTA TD2 Branding
Cartel 5 principios +KOTA-1
+KOTA Manual de Identidad Visual TD2 Branding
Manual de Señalización +KOTA TD2 Branding
Papeleria +Kota TD2 Branding
Diseño Folder +KOTA TD2 Branading
Diseño de Empaque Arena +KOTA TD2 Branding