Agencia de Diseño de Identidad Corporativa
Iurisduxa Consulting

Corporate Identity / Naming

Design Agency in Mexico

Iurisduxa Consulting is an uncommon consultancy firm.
Formed by successful professionals in the public sector, and strong academic background, its mission is to advice private sector companies and local government instances in topics which require hard to find skills and knowledge.

Iurisduxa’s partners are lawyers and economists, experts in diverse themes such as Security, Lobbying, Regulation, Taxes and Customs Coaching and Constitutional issues among others. The definitely are not the traditional law firm.
Our challenge was to create a visual identity different from the legal usual imagery, capable to be effective in Mexico and USA, without forgetting the need to project strength and trust, values associated to this kind of practice.

Our first step was to create the brand name: Iurisduxa. Iuris is latin for Law and Dux is latin for leader. We merge the two words and added a letter “a” to make it more distinctive and improve its pronunciation, and also, in spanish, give the brand a female gender side, which seems to be present in many brands, enhancing its memorability and accessibility. (“la Ford” ; “la Coca-Cola”; “la marca”) 

El logotipo es sencillo. Sobrio. Dos fuentes tipográficas. Una contemporánea aplicada en las palabras en latín, para darle la connotación de actualidad, sacándola del estereotipo de solemnidad y abolengo rancio tan asociado a los abogados, y otra patinada, clásica para “Consulting” contrastando con la anterior. Rojo, gris y blanco. Paleta clásica pero modernista.

We choose Minerva, the roman goddess of wisdom and strategy as a visual element aligned to Iurisduxa’s mission and purpose.
Minerva could be used in the future in different graphic styles, which gives us a creative variety, while keeping the meaning.

Another important element of the new identity is the slogan. We literally took it from Anibal, the antique general from Cartago who tried to invade Rome through the Alps, carrying elephants: “Aut viam inveniam aut faciam”. We will find the way or we will create one.
This phrase shows exactly the kind of attitude Iurisduxa offers to their clients in the search of business solutions.