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Zuko Lemonades

Branding / Packaging / Photography / Pre Press

We revitalized the brand with new concepts taken from tradition.

Lemonade is a typically refreshing drink, both in Mexico and in United States. Initially we created Zuko Lemonades for the american market. We thought about that summer lemonades stands that existed in the imagination of many of us.

The transparent sweated jar, revealing the additional ingredients that give flavor and the yellow lemons that give a different taste from the acid lemon from Mexico.

Freshness, new flavors, a tradition that appeals to the consuming mother, always within the values and attributes of the brand…

After a great success of Zuko Lemonades, the natural new step was to create the Naranjadas line. Drinks based in orange flavor.

Our objective stayed in projecting an image of freshness and flavor. Capable to evoque that moment where a cold beverage eliminates thirst with great pleasure.

Quality photography and very detailed digital work was needed to create the environment and to make it match in every variant of the brand.