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Carlos V

Brand revitalization

Synthesis and simplicity to be relevant to several generations.

Carlos V is a local brand that Nestle bought during the 80’s from Fabrica de Chocolates La Azteca. It is a treat that all Mexicans of all generations have enjoyed.

The project required the image revitalization to be relevant before the entrance of transnational brands like Mars, Hershey’s, and Nestle itself, maintaining attractiveness and familiarity for all ages consumers.

Simplification of  elements and the creation of a young character, with a contemporary and simple style, was the ideal solution.

Our new character design was based on a flat vector illustration style, combined with a young and friendly personality, able to interact with children and adults in a positive way.

Comparison against the previous design

Previous character compared to the new one.

The brand has a formidable potential to create line extensions.

This is an example of the brand elasticity to support products that range from other goodies, even ice cream or ready-to-drink beverages.