Diseñadores expertos en identidad de marca
Created in México


An initiative born from the dream of Dr. Eduardo Durón, academic of EGADE Business School, to see México driving innovative ideas and creativity over focus on manufacturing.

Beyond the “Made in Mexico”… Created in Mexico.

Brand identity developed to award and recognize mexican companies and entrepreneurs that produce goods and services with their own and innovative ideas

In TD2, we developed the visual concept taking advantage of the “copyright” sign.
The © is the ultimate identifier of intellectual property worldwide.
So we started from a universally shared meaning to give the brand a unique and differentiated personality.

We used a strong, solid, forceful letter “C” to evoke creativity as a success factor.
A circle formed by moving elements as a metaphor for a process in constant evolution.
One simple but meaningful solution.

We avoided the use of pre hispanic or tricolor cliches. We choose red for being a deeply mexican color. It’s on our flag as much as the green. Being daring and striking, red is te color of passion and many successful brands.