Agencia de Diseño de Empaque
San Lázaro

Branding / Packaging

We rejuvenated the visual identity for a mexican traditiona brand as part of the company ambicious growing plans.

A radical change in San Lazaro visual identity aiming to raise quality perception and connect to a younger more demanding consumer.

Labels and packaging display a completely new identity for the full range of San Lazaro products. From beans and rice to gourmet vegetables in glass jars. Its portfolio includes dry chiles and fruits and all kind of grains

San Lazaro brand comes from 1962. With a high level of recognition at the shelf, but seen as a cheap brand, although its high quality.
The older graphics have legibility problems and its main yellow color can make the brand be confused with other similar in the shelf. Yellow is strong and flashy but is been perceived as “cheap” in focus groups.

New branding takes blue as the main proprietary color. SAN LAZARO logo is rendered big and uppercase. Two colors to enhance memorability and distinctiveness.
We decided to switch to blue as main color to give the shelf a higher quality look and price look, needed to new imported products under the same brand.


Here we can see the old identity compared to the new in a doypack of Plum runs. Layout is messy. Legibility is poor, especially when labels or packs are small. The old logotype had not a good recognition level when shown away from the product.



New branding is simple, clear and ordered. Typographical elements have a clear hierarchy. One single color dominates layout to have a strong shelf impression.  A second color to differentiate products easily.. In the pillow type packaging, the sides are designed to be legible and direct.