Brand Identity and Label design Tequilas San Matías
Casa San Matías

Rebranding for 3 different labels

Rebranding Pueblo Viejo

Pueblo Viejo: tradition and superior quality expressed with elegance and contemporaneity.

Pueblo Viejo is a tequila consumed precisely in the Tequila geographical área. In Jalisco and Michoacan, is recognized as a very good product.

The objective of this redesign was to give the label a visual personality that really reflect its high quality, in accordance with its price, in a market segment where it competed directly with other brands such as Cuervo Tradicional.

The use of the sarape-type graphic converted to golds, copper and silvers allowed us to preserve a distinctive and very mexican element, taken to a higher and premium personality.

Rebranding Tequila San Matías

Tequila San Matias it is a product that has been directed to a low socioeconomic level, and its loyal consumers have decreased for its advanced age. Our job was to rejuvenate the product without risking our current consumers. Several simultaneous projects were aligned to raise the perception of quality and presence of Casa San Matias in the market.

Rebranding Tequila Carmesí

Tequila Carmesi: the warmth of a tequila aimed to bold and daring women.

Tequila Carmesi, was conceived as a brand directed to women, but its initial image had a rainbow.

We transformed the visual identity to communicate passion and audacity, since daring women do not want to be seen as “pinky” or “soft”, but as a person with the same capabilities and desires as any man; although they appreciate a brand that thinks about them.

We kept white as the brand’s main color and added blood red and gold to communicate the passion and power of a woman who enjoys tequila.