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Caprice Reloaded

Brand revitalization concept

We revitalized, for a second time, a concept that had already proven to be successful.

The model face is on the top of the label, allowing hair to fall and flow, with the same curve of the bottle.

Images of ingredients are now more dramatic and interact with the liquid, following the curves of the bottle, integrating everything.

Labels are now metallic, giving the brand’s image a new presence on the shelf, combined with redesigned, translucent and, colored covers. This new design concept was the base for the new face whole line of Caprice brand.

Color, freshness and nature interacting: bright and fluid liquid mixed with aloe pulp.

The right handling of brights, volumes and textures give us a very attractive result.

Visual impact evoque aromas and sensations that enhance brands positive perception.

Excellence in execution is the cherry at the top of a strategic work well done.