Redesign Brand Identity Shampoo Caprice

Rebranding / Marketing communications

 Palmolive Caprice, a brand of great tradition that is renewed to attract the woman of today.

We revitalized the complete line of Caprice, which included 18 shampoo, conditioner and hair fixative spray variants.

We produced all the images, from models casting, since the friendly and sweet expressions were key to the desired effect.

We managed to make display hair as the protagonist, in labels that required an exceptional pre press job, with 11 ink enties in 3 different printing systems.

Caprice Before and After TD2 Branding
Before and After

Our main focus is creating empathy using the model’s expressions. Photography, which is a distinctive of the brand, shows the product benefit visually in a glamourous way, optimizing the use of space. The new color range is more joyful and young. Natural ingredients become protagonists. The hierarchy order and position of the elements in the format, radically change the appearance and functionality of the package.