Packaging design for Hunt's pasta sauce
Hunt’s Pasta Sauce

Rebranding / Packaging Design

Diseño Latas Hunts Salsa
Bricks Hunts Salsa para Pasta

Evocation of flavor, tradition, and family table, expressed in a label.

For ConAgra Foods Mexico, we redesigned the image of the pasta sauce for the can and tetrabrick presentation.

We made a careful analysis of the category and we appropriated the differentiation and preference factors that nobody was using.

A new brand logo implemented with close ups of “perfect bites” and an environment of tradition achieved by a print of a countryside, made a radical change to the previous image.

Hunts diseño anterior

The previous image lacked of taste appeal and did not project quality. When analyzing the category, choosing the right path was very clear: to raise the consumer´s sensorial memory.

Empaque para clubes de precio Hunt's
Six pack Bricks Hunts
Etiqueta Salsa para pasta Hunt's