Corporate Identity design


ConstruRed is the brand identity t we generated for Grupo Cementos Chihuahua retailers distribution chain.

We designed the entire identity of ConstruRed for Grupo Cementos Chihuahua. First, we created the name which is a descriptive of the business model: hundreds of stores for construction materials and hardware stores, subscribed to the concept unified under the identity of ConstruRed, obtaining benefits for large-scale purchases and brand advertising. 

The visual concept is integrated into the “tagline”: a world of materials near you. The logo has a worker carrying a wheelbarrow that carries a world. Closeness is the most important functional benefit and the reason to buy in ConstruRed. 

We chose yellow for being bright and striking, it was once the color that the hardware stores and tlapalerias were painted; so we decided to appropriate it and we also created a character for advertising.

Campaign addressed to bricklayers, construction masters, plumbers, electricians or small contractors, appealing to insights identified with in-depth interviews. We created a character: “Meny” – that gained recognition as part of the brand identity.