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Ricarinas packaging design
Ricarinas Packaging design experts TD2 Branding

Ricarinas is a new brand of wheat flour tortillas. In TD2 as packaging design experts, we crafted the brand name and visual design to compete against unbranded commodities.

Wheat flour tortillas segment in supermarkets and small grocery stores is dominated by Bimbo, to whom we do not want to compete. However, there is other market segment that consumes a lot of this product in restaurants and hotels. This is where Ricarinas is aimed.

This segment is used to buy tortillas bulk as “commodities”. Products marketed this way are condemned to suffer for low price.

Ricarinas objective is to attend these markets using a brand to communicate a superior quality always, to make every client switch for our branded product.

Ricarinas name is a composed word using “Rica” as tasty, and “rinas” that came from “harina”, because this product is widely known as “Tortillas de Harina”.

In Mexico the market is dominated by Bimbo’s  “Tortillinas” brand. Ricarinas is a very strong name because it has an embeded positive meaning and it is very memorable.